2016. Democratization from Above: The Logic of Local Democracy in the Developing World, Cambridge University Press.

Peer-Reviewed Articles and Chapters

Targeting Ordinary Voters or Political Elites?: Why Pork is Distributed Along Partisan Lines in India” American Journal of Political Science, Forthcoming. [Author Summary]

“Development or Rent-Seeking? How Political Influence Shapes Public Works Provision in India“, British Journal of Political Science, Forthcoming.

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Economic growth and ethnic violence: An empirical investigation of Hindu–Muslim riots in India” Journal of Peace Research, 47(5), August 2010 (with Ernest Sergenti)

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In Progress

How Electoral Cycles Shape the Implementation of Public Programs: Evidence from India (with Jonathan Darsey). Under Review.

Getting on the Grid: The Politics of Public Service Formalization in Urban India (with Nikhar Gaikwad and Gareth Nellis). Field Experiment funded by EGAP.

Consumer Behavior, Efficiency and Sustainability in India’s Power Sector (with Usha Nair-Reichert). Funded by the Strategic Energy Institute.

Roads vs. Power: The Political Dynamics of Infrastructure Provision in India (with Brian Min)

Why Dynastic Legislators do better in Elections: An Institutionalist Explanation (with Kanchan Chandra).

Press Mention: The New York Times.

Other Writing

Critical Dialogue “Democracy Protests: Origins, Significance and Consequences” by Dawn Brancati and “Democratization from Above: The Logic of Local Democracy in the Developing World” by Anjali Thomas BohlkenPerspectives on Politics, Volume 15, Issue 4December 2017 , pp. 1092-1093

How Politics Shapes Road Provision in IndiaIndia in Transition published by the Center for the Advanced Study of India (CASI) of the University of Pennsylvania (Also reprinted in The Hindu: Business Line).

The World’s Largest Democracy Votes: India’s 2014 Elections, Canada-Asia Agenda Series, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada